How to Add Subtitle for Posts and Pages in WordPress

How to Add Subtitle for Posts and Pages in WordPress
Lucy Bates

Have you ever felt that you need a subtitle for your posts and pages? Recently in one of our projects, ThemeLab, we needed to add subtitles to some of our pages. We felt that others might need it as well, so in this article we will show you how to add a secondary alternative title or subtitle in WordPress posts and pages.
Sandra Gilbert

The WP Subtitle plugin allows your pages and posts to contain a subtitle. Also called a sub-heading, this this short line of text is meant to appear beneath a post’s (or page’s) title, but can be inserted in your template wherever you choose.
Monica Lucas

ViitorCloud believes in an active community support so with such plugins we try to make life easy for developers & of course customers. Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter.

How to Split Post or Page Title in WordPress
Stacey Miller

We understand your point of view. However, most of our audience are beginner level WordPress users. Things like editing theme files to achieve something, may look quite simple to experienced users, but they are not that simple for beginners. Many of them don’t know any HTML or CSS at all. If there is a plugin that makes it easier for them to do something, then we will always recommend the easier solution first.

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