How to Add Sticky Posts for Categories in WordPress

How to Add Sticky Posts for Categories in WordPress
Lena Webster

Sticky posts allow you to add featured posts in WordPress and display them differently on your site’s homepage. Recently one of our users asked us how they can add sticky posts in category pages. By adding sticky posts on category pages you can display featured posts from that particular category. In this article, you will get to learn how to add sticky posts for categories in WordPress.

How to use Sticky Post to add Categories in WordPress?
Jannie Goff

• Enables you to choose a category in which to stick a post
• Will automatically show the post on the top of the homepage of the archive merely like inbuilt sticky post feature
• Allows you to stick only a single post under one category
• Notifies you whether or not the post is stuck in a category archive on the Post Edit Dashboard
• Offers light and simple styling that looks good in many themes
• Comes equipped on each post editor page
• Completely ready for translation and fully localized
• Also has Spanish translations

WordPress Sticky Posts: How to Use & Style Them
Retha Poston

This is the “natural” order of a blog and it works pretty well for directing readers to the content they’re after–especially when paired with other methods such as tags and search. However, when covering a topic thoroughly, it’s not uncommon to have a single post which outlines the main ideas you plan on exploring in subsequent posts. A post you’d like to keep in front of your readers without them having to drill down to find it.
Stacy Roberson

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4 Ways to Maximize Sticky Posts Feature in WordPress
Cherelle Delossantos

If you run a complex blog with several categories, chance that you want to display a featured post on each category. Since the default sticky posts in WordPress only allows you display sticky post at the home page, you can do an advanced way to display sticky posts in category. As I mentioned, we have written an article on how to display sticky post in the WordPress category. Simply visit here to read.

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