How to Add Staff Member Profile Pages in WordPress

How to Create Staff Member Profile Page in WordPress
Dorthea Cato

If you have a great team of people working for you, there’s certainly a huge advantage in showcasing their talents to potential clients. This’ll help solidify their trust in your brand and lead to even more business opportunities. Hence, it is common to find bigger companies that create staff member profile page to showcase their workforce on their websites. If you have a WordPress membership website then doing this is pretty easy. With the help of the ProfileGrid plugin, you can create staff member profile page to display on your website. So let’s get started, by first installing the ProfileGrid plugin.
Pat Sullivan

The code that retrieves all the custom data about a staff member (name, title, email, etc) is now located on about line 90 of simple-staff-list/public/partials/simple-staff-list-shortcode-display.php so reference that when you’re building out your single-staff-member.php file.

How to Add Staff Member Profiles in WordPress with Staffer
Sherrie Bollinger

There are ways to add a staff member profile in WordPress. One way is to edit some of your files but a easier way would be to use a plugin. In this video, we will show you how to add staff member profiles in WordPress with Staffer.
Bess Negron

“Staff List” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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