How to Add Single / Double Line Spacing in WordPress

How To Add Single Or Double Line Spacing In WordPress
Brinda Keegan

In many Word processors, adding additional blank line spaces is easy. You simply have to press ENTER several times. With a bit more technical skill, it is also possible to alter the formatting in order to increase line spacing, create a double-spaced line and more. A lot of this gets frustrating for those who are new to visual editor in WordPress. This is because there isn’t a button for formatting like the one that is found in MS Word. We’re going to tell you all about WordPress line spacing so that you can get the look you want without a lot of hassle.

How to Add Single Line and Double Line Spacing in WordPress?
Amelia Glover

Before you continue with our tutorial, it’s important to know that line spacing is also controlled by the stylesheet defined in the WordPress theme you use. So, we will first show you how to add single / double line spacing in the WordPress visual editor, and then we will cover how to change the line spacing by adding extra CSS codes into your theme.

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