How to Add Simple and Elegant Footnotes in Your WordPress Blog Posts
Melania Tripp

Hovering the footnote label will show the user the full text of the footnote using the jQuery Qtip2 plugin. Clicking on the footnote label will take the user down the page to the corresponding footnote at the bottom of the WordPress post. Each footnote at the bottom of the post has a icon that can be clicked to return to that particular footnote within the post copy.
Xenia Seal

JQuery Hover Footnotes lets you add footnotes with qualifiers of you're choosing, then dynamically displays…
Carley Jeffrey

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WordPress Tutorials
Reena Downs

Here’s an example of how footnotes work. In HTML, they are simply anchor links that go to the Notes section at the bottom of the page. Clicking on any of them will take you to the respective note.
Joann Townsend

The only way to get around this is to know how many posts are on each page and tell Footnotes Made Easy what number you want the list to start at for each of the pages. So at some point on each page (that is, between each <!–nextpage–> tag) you need to add a tag to let the plugin know what number the footnotes on this page should start at. The tag should look like this <!–startnum=5–> where “5” is the number you want the footnotes for this page to start at.

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