How to Add Reusable Codes in WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Add Reusable Codes in WordPress Posts and Pages
Dorthea Cato

Normally the WordPress post editor does not allow you to add executable code into your posts for security reasons. There are times you may want to add code to your posts for things like Adsense ad codes. In this video, we will show you how to add reusable codes in WordPress posts and pages.

How to Attach Reusable Code to Posts and Pages for WordPress
Magaret Sewell

Although it works beautifully to include various HTML coding elements, it can also serve to quickly implement combinations of things. For example, what if you use a specific link connected to a certain image while displaying a line of text? That entire setup is reusable text that is much easier to add to posts and pages with this plugin.

WordPress Tutorials
Regina Guzman

WordPress 5 is here with a brand new editor called Gutenberg that changes the way posts and pages are created and edited. This video is your complete guide to Gutenberg! Thanks to our friends at Glowhost for making this video possible: Save 60% on your first invoice when you host your WordPress site with GlowHost. Click here and use the coupon “WPGUTENBURG”.

How To Add Coupon Codes In WordPress Posts & Pages
Christy Garner

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