How to Add Retweet Anywhere in WordPress

How to Add Retweet Anywhere in WordPress
Alanna Marrero

Since twitter announced it’s Twitter Anywhere Platform, developers have been working hard on implementing this API and taking advantage of twitter traffic. We incorporated some elements to WPBeginner such as the hovercard which you can see by bring your mouse to our twitter username: @wpbeginner. In our guide on How to Add Twitter Anywhere in WordPress, we showed a way to add a live tweet box with default text to your WordPress site. In this article, we will share a plugin which takes the live twitter box functionality to the next level by making it a live retweet box on your site. Developed by a very skilled WordPress developer named Konstantin who blogs at (@kovshenin).

How to Add Twitter @anywhere in WordPress
Theresa Bell

Twitter launched it’s @anywhere platform not too long ago. This new platform integrates twitter into your site with a few lines of JavaScript. It allows for more tweets, more traffic, more follows, more engagement, more users, and more insight. You can now embed a tweet box on your site where people can directly tweet from your site. It also converts all twitter usernames to a link (@wpbeginner). If you enable the hovercard option, then users will see a hover box with a follow button and user information. You can also create connect with twitter buttons, follow @wpbeginner on twitter buttons and much more. We think this new platform will play a huge part in the future of web as twitter grows. In this article, we will share how you can add some elements of Twitter’s anywhere platform on your WordPress blog.

How to put a widget anywhere on a page in WordPress?
Doris Barrett

The common question we keep getting from our customers is about placing widgets anywhere on a website: “How may I put a widget on the page or post?” Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t have a built-in mechanism for that. We recommend using one of the available plugins from repository.

How to Add Retweet Text with Tinyurl in WordPress Posts
Rolande Kline

Ever since we posted our WordPress guide to Twitter Anywhere Platform, we have been getting requests about how to automatically generate post tweet text in the live tweet box. In this article, we will show you how you can add tweet text with Tinyurl in WordPress posts. We will utilize the tinyurl API to generate short url for your post and display it with the text.

Konstantin Kovshenin
Elza Leyva

Alright, I have tried it, here are my first remarks: great plugin, does the trick! I would have loved one more line in the plugin settings panel: a way to customize the message above the tweetbox ("Retweet This Post:") without touching the code.
And I added a rel="nofollow" to the link of the button, that's how I used to integrate my social bookmark buttons, for SEO reasons.
There also seems to be a problem in the admin panel, when entering code in the Custom HTML input box. I have entered twitter and it broke the layout a bit:

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