How to Add Random Header Images to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add Random Header Images to Your WordPress Blog
Amelia Glover

This was useful, but i was looking for randomized text, like in your second image, you had the image of the hill and the sky, with the Demo Text to the bottom left corner. I’m curious to see if its possible to have a randomized version of that, so whenever I would refresh the page, it would cycle through text such as “Demo Site” or “Welcome” just for variety.

HostPapa Knowledge Base
Lillie Butler

When you create a WordPress blog, you will most probably select a theme. The theme has a built-in support for background and header images. WordPress themes that support custom headers define a header area displaying an image. Header images improve the look and feel of the site. They can provide insight into the blog contents as well.

Add Random Header Images to WordPress Blog
Traci Fleming

Ever imagined how one can tweak WordPress codes and get awesome results? Today I will teach you one such tweak on how to add random images to header in WordPress without any plugin. But before that, let us know something about header images. Usually those images are static. You will probably see numerous WordPress blogs that has dynamic header images which rotate randomly.

How to Add Random Header Images to Your WordPress Blog
Josephine Harrison

Are you wanting to display random header images on your WordPress site? Most WordPress themes come with built-in support for header images to edit the look and feel of your site. In this video we will show you how to add random header images to your WordPress site without any code.
Text version of this tutorial:
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Summary of this tutorial:
The first method we would recommend is built in to WordPress itself, you would want to go under Appearance, Customize to open the customizer.
Now select the header tab to expand it, the tab can have a few different possible labels depending on the theme.
You will see your site's current header image and any other images available to use.
If you want to use a new one you would click on the Add image button to upload the images you want to use in the header.
With the images added you will want to click the Randomize uploaded header button and save your changes.
For our second method we recommend using the plugin:
With the plugin installed and activated you will want to edit a post or page to see the new area.
There will be a new meta box labeled header below the post editor that allows you to select any previously uploaded header as the header for that specific post or page.
If you want to add another image you would need to go back under Appearance, Customize.

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