How to Add Quicktags in WordPress Comment Forms

How to Add Quicktags in WordPress Comment Forms
Amelia Glover

By default WordPress comment box allows visitors to use some basic HTML tags in their comments. However, most bloggers are unaware of this and most users don’t know how to write HTML. If you have or want to have specific formatting for your comments, then you can really benefit from this article. In this article, we will show you how to add quicktags in WordPress comment forms which will allow you to better style each comment element while giving your users bunch of quick tags to work with.

How to Add Custom WordPress Quicktags in the Text Editor + Examples
Kristine Mcdonald

I use the syntax highlighter prismjs, so I’ve taken this WordPress Quicktag one step further. I’ve added a language class to the <code> element, which tells prismjs how to highlight the code. I just replace the “none” with “php” or “javascript” or “html,” depending on what type of code it is. And then prismjs beautifully color codes it.

Basic Comment Quicktags
Lynsey Colson

If you’re looking for a way to spice up the default WordPress comment form, this plugin might come in handy. The Basic Comment Quicktags plugin by Mika Epstein is simple, yet effective. It uses the WordPress Quicktag API to add bold, italics, link & quote buttons to the “Comment” <textarea> field on your WordPress comment form.

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