How to Add Posts by Email in WordPress

How to add posts by email in WordPress
Doris Barrett

3.Go to the plugin’s settings page. (After activating the plugin, the admin bar will contain an additional settings option, “Postie”. By clicking on that you can reach to this plugin’s settings page.) This free plugin gives you a lot of additional features over the previously shown default WordPress setting. This plugin allows you to – set defaults for a category, status, post format, post types, and tags; specify post excerpts; remove headers and footers from email; control the types of attachments that are followed by a file name; provide gallery support; control image placements and much more.

How to Write a WordPress Post by Email: 2 Easy Methods
Stacey Miller

WordPress does include a basic Post via email setting that you can use by going to Settings → Writing, but I’m not going to cover that method in this article because it’s neither secure nor flexible by default. Here’s what I mean by those two terms:

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