How to Add Post Type Archive in WordPress Navigation Menus

How to Add Post Type Archive in WordPress Navigation Menus
Ammie Blodgett

Hi am a small website owner in Tanzania, wpbeginner help me from the day i start blogging to date. Am proud of my self to find this site and i will recommend this site to any WordPress beginner even pros, Today i have one Question i didn’t know where to ask and i think this is opportunity for you guys you can create the platform where we can i ask question about WordPress and other people or even you guys you can ask, This give the chance to find something to write to your blog. That say’d my question is i want to run something like deals like you do on the Deals section on this blog, can you recommend any plugin to do the work.

HostPapa Knowledge Base
Lottie Horne

3. This will show an option for your post type archives, check the box next to it and click on Add to Menu. You will now see your custom post type archive as a menu item in the right column. By default, the link label will be defined as your custom post type name with the word archives.

How to Add Specific Posts to WordPress Navigation Menu
Katrina Maldonado

This is helpful info! I’m trying to figure out how to create my drop down menu with pages that will be like my home page with thumbnails linked to the posts within that category only. For example, the category on my navigation bar is FOOD. Then a sub category is a RECIPES page that shows thumbnails to my most recent recipe posts. I hope that makes sense. Do you know how to do this? Thanks!

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