How to Add Post Thumbnail to your WordPress RSS Feeds

Add Post Thumbnail to RSS Feed in WordPress
Alyssa Osborne

Add Post Thumbnail to RSS Feed in WordPress in Very Easy Steps to Make Your Feed and FeedBurner Delivered Newsletters More Interesting. We have lot of articles on troubleshooting WordPress RSS Feed and Feedburner – if you face any issue in future, you can search them by manually searching on our website. Actually for Facebook, Twitter; the media files are directly grabbed from the Open Graph Protocol, RSS remained like it was 10 years ago. Also, we have supplied a free plugin to Add Post Thumbnail to RSS Feed in WordPress in this article, however we do not recommend to use it; instead use manual code for troubleshooting.

How to Add Featured Images to Your WordPress RSS Feed
Janet Alexander

This can all be inside a plugin or in your theme’s functions.php file. Although, I’d recommend using a plugin so if you change themes, you don’t have to transfers this code over to your new theme. And, if you’re ready to get serious about building WordPress plugins, then enroll in my WordPress plugin course. Inside, you build a contact form plugin, but, more importantly, you’ll learn fundamental WordPress plugin-building skills like creating custom post types, adding shortcodes, adding custom columns to the post table and more. You can learn more here.

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