How to Add Pinterest Pin-it Button Over Your Images in WordPress
Patsy Lindsey

If you’re looking for an easy way to pin images in your blog posts and pages, this plugin will help you with that. It highlights images and adds a “Pin it” button over them once the user hovers his mouse over an image. Once the user clicks the “Pin it” button, the plugin shows a pop-up window with the image and a description. Everything is ready for pinning, although the user can alter the description.
Shavon Peoples

On the plugin settings page, check the box under the “Advanced” section called “Selected images only”. Head on to your post and edit it. If you are using HTML view: just add class=”pinthis” to the image. If a “class” already exists, just add a space to the end of it and type pinthis. If you are using Visual view, click once on your image, select the “Edit image” button, click on the “Advanced settings” tab and add to the “CSS Class” field pinthis.

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