How to Add Password Free Login to WordPress Using Clef

How to Add Password Free Login to WordPress Using Clef
Rubie Canty

If you manage multiple WordPress sites, then using Clef on all of them will allow you to simultaneously login to all your WordPress sites without entering username or password. It uses a strong encryption technology that generates hard to crack encryption keys when verifying your digital signature. Clef makes sure that their data is protected from any kind of breach, however if somehow their database is compromised, then the exploit wouldn’t leak your profile information because it is only stored on your mobile device.

Guide for Using Password Free WordPress Login Using Clef
Lucienne Coon

Clef is a mobile application, used to replace passwords and usernames with your smartphones. It provides easy, yet strong two-factor authentication that shows wave when you visit a login page of a website. It enables you to scan Clef wave with the app on your smartphone.
Once the Clef wave is scanned, a mobile application sends a signature in digital numbers to Clef. After In fact, you can also use Clef on your multiple websites, without entering hard to remember username and password. Clef adopts an acute encryption technology that protects your website as it produces complicated encryption keys.
Magaret Sewell

It involves a 2048-bit RSA digital key, which is created and stored on the user’s mobile phone. Keyy doesn’t keep a central database of user profile and login details, so you’re not reliant upon any third parties. The digital key is secured in the Android Keystore or Apple Keychain, only accessible via each user’s mobile phone protected by a fingerprint scan or a 6-digit PIN, so data remains safe even if the phone becomes lost or stolen.

Login to your WordPress Website without Typing the Password
Kit Suarez

As is common knowledge, two-factor authentication is necessary for increasing the security of WordPress websites. Once enabled, you’ll need a one-time password generated on your phone, in addition to your existing WordPress username and password, to log into the website. WordPress has not included 2-factor authentication in the core yet but there are WordPress plugins that will easily add this layer of security to your website.

Clef: Log In to WordPress Without Any Password
Faith Daniel

Setting up Clef is simple, though there are several steps that you need to do. The first thing to do is to install the mobile app on your smartphone. It is currently available for iOS and Android. Once installed, open up the Clef app. Scroll through the screen until you reach the last page where it requires you to create a Clef account.

How to Login to WordPress Website without Typing the Password
Vella Whalen

If you want your Self-hosted WordPress blog to be more secure, then you need two-factor authentication in order to prevent hacking attempts. In two-factor authentication what happens is when you try to log into your WordPress site,  you’ll need a one-time password which is sent to your phone, in addition to your existing WordPress username and password. Indeed, WordPress doesn’t come with two-factor authentication feature but there are many plugins that can be used to add an extra layer of security in your WordPress site.

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