How to Add Old Post Notification on Your WordPress Blog
Eliana Ohara

Do you want to add an old post notification in WordPress? Recently, one of our users asked us how they can automatically warn users of old posts on their website. They had hundreds of old documentation articles, and they feared some of they may not be useful. In this article, we will show you how to add old post notification on your WordPress blog.

How to Publish a Post on Your WordPress Blog
Liliana Cardona

Save Draft: Click this button to save your post as a draft. The Add New Post page reloads with all your post contents and options saved; you can continue editing it now, tomorrow, the next day, or next year — the post is saved as a draft until you decide to publish it or delete it. To access your draft posts, click the Posts link on the Posts menu.

How to Add WordPress Push Notifications to Your Site (3 Easy Steps)
Christy Garner

Aside from these types of practical reasons, it’s worth noting that push notifications are a great tool to increase user engagement [*]. The key is to update them only concerning important stuff, so they won’t start ignoring your notifications. Don’t think about push notifications as a replacement for email lists or social media channels. They’re simply another means of direct contact, with the added benefit of being able to provide real-time updates to your visitors.

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