How to Add No Right Click on WordPress Images

How to Add No Right Click on WordPress Images
Annie Bowen

First, download and install No Right Click Images Plugin. Once you have it installed there is nothing more you need to do. The plugin uses Javascript to remove the context menu so that no one can click on your WordPress images and save them. Of course, if someone really wants to steal your images then there is no way of stopping that but at least you can make it a little harder on them.
Kristine Mcdonald

When you added the image to WordPress you specified this behavior. When you insert an image you have to specify that you don’t want to have a click on the image open the image. It is up to you to protect your images by not opening the image on a click.
If you are able to click on an image to display the image in a new window, it is then outside of WordPress and can’t be protected.
Christena Inman

This wp plugin protect the posts content from being copied by any other web site author , you dont want your content to spread without your permission!!
The plugin will keep your posts and home page protected by multiple techniques (JavaScript + CSS), this techniques does not found in any other wordpress plugin and you will own it for free with this plugin

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