How to Add New Default Avatars in WordPress

How to Add New Default Avatars in WordPress
Livia Jeffery

By default, WordPress uses gravatar to display user’s avatars based on their email [see our article on What is a Gravatar and why you should be using it]. If a user is not registered with gravatar, then it shows a mystery man avatar. You can customize it to match your site’s branding if you want.

How to Add New Default Avatars in WordPress
Francisco Carrington

For branding or to look professional some users want to change the default gravitar for their site. The previous method required diving into the code but luckily there is a way with a plugin. In this video, we will show you how to add new default avatars in WordPress.

How to Add Avatar Defaults in WordPress
Kristyn Barrios

Avatar is used to represent a person by using an icon which will generally have a profile photo image. It is catchy to use images instead of names and also images register easily that a textual name. WordPress supports the avatar images to represent the author of a post or the users who add comments. There are more options to select the default avatar in WordPress admin. By default, the “Mystery Person” avatar option is selected and used to iconify the users. WordPress allows us to add our own images to these default avatar options.

How to Put New Default Avatars in WordPress
Janet Alexander

If you have never edited your avatars or added any new ones you should see a full list of the same mystery person. You will see a text box below in which you can enter some information. In the first box, simply enter the name you want to identify the avatar with. For example, if your avatar is a baseball, name it baseball or if these are meant for different staff members simply use their name. Add the image URL in the second box. Make sure the image size is properly saved. Once you have inserted all the necessary information simply click on the “Add Another” option below.

How To Add A Custom Default Avatar To WordPress Easily ?
Lorette Thurman

To make a lasting impression on the first time visitor, it is important that he/she recognizes the logo and recollects the name of the website and it’s domain of expertise. A simple way to do that is to reinforce the logo’s image, we can do that by adding the brand’s logo as the default avatar.

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