How to Add Login With Facebook in WordPress

How to Add Login with Facebook in WordPress
Lottie Horne

Google is asking for a verified personal Facebook account to establish this link. I have tried all possible combinations I can think of -website name, facebook web address, facebook name – to no avail. Previously in wordpress it was simply a matter of adding the facebook logo and making a connection the URL. Is this option no longer possible due to spam issues?
Tiffany Reed

When the user tries to register with their Facebook account Facebook pops up a window where each user can view what kind of access they give for the app. In this modal they can chose not to share their email address. When they’re doing so we generate a random email address for them. They can of course change this at their profile.
If the permission is given to the app, there are still other factors which can result Facebook not sending back any email address.

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