How to Add LiveChat to Your WooCommerce Store (and Boost Sales)

How to Add LiveChat to Your WooCommerce Store (and Boost Sales)
Sue Rhodes

This is a very good idea to add live chat on our website. i personally i am gona do it to attract users and communicate with them. also if you can could set a video on you on how to use different wordpress themes in one domain name? what i mean is when you click on one page it redirectss you to diffrerent theme. i failed with page theme plugin. plz help

Woocommerce: add LiveChat to your store
Courtney Page

LiveChat for WooCommerce allows you to not only add a chat to your store but also see your customers’ cart details during a chat. Not only that, you can also modify the behaviour of your chat window so that it’ll better suit your customers’ needs!

Sandra Gilbert

Particularly beneficial for the customer – and you – are personalized recommendations. If you know what a customer is interested in, you can make strategic offers: your customer wants to buy a pair of Adidas shoes. You offer them a pair of comfy insoles or a shoe waterproofer. If you think they want to start a jogging adventure, you could also offer them a discount for running clothing.

Live Chatfor
LiveChat for WooCommercesupport
Bryanna Atwell

With live chat for WooCommerce by LiveChat, you can engage customers while they are on your website, see live interactions with your pages and move your customers through the purchase process. Plus, it makes customer service more efficient by letting you hold multiple live chat sessions at the same time, send canned responses to frequently asked questions, add chat tags, see transcripts of past conversations and send files to customers through the live chat window.

Sara Romero

Page layout. For most WordPress veterans working on WooCommerce for the first time, the most startling feature is where to put content. That main editing panel you see on a fresh new WordPress page is not where you put the content viewers first see about the product featured on that page. That very important piece of writing goes in the “short product description” field further down the page.

Powerful WooCommerce Extensions to Supercharge Sales Growth
Lesha Dubose

“Have been using Beeketing for a while on our Imperial Swords eco merge website and have seen an increase in client retention and sales thanks to the ease of use for creating special discount coupon pop ups. Our social network following has increased by 5% since we have been using the plugin. It’s a no brainer, you can’t go wrong.”

How to Setup an eCommerce Store with WooCommerce
Josephine Harrison

WooCommerce is one of the most used and trusted ecommerce platforms. You’ll certainly do right using it for opening up shop online. It’s developer supported and is always evolving. What that means for you and your online business is that it’s highly unlikely that it’ll disappear over night and you’ll continue to get updates and on going support.

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