How to Add jQuery Tabber Widget in WordPress

How To Create A Tab Widget In WordPress
Alyssa Osborne

So, the goal with Tabber is to transform any widget’s output into markup that can be used to display tabs. To complicate matters, different themes might register sidebars that do not use a <div> to hold a widget or use <h2> to show its title. For example, WordPress’ new default theme, Twenty Twelve, uses <aside> and <h3> tags for this. Other themes may use complicated markup that can’t be predicted or successfully transformed into the output needed for tabs.

How to Add jQuery Tabber Widget in WordPress
Nora Coleman

When running a WordPress website, you can easily add items to your sidebars using drag and drop widgets. As your site grow, you might feel that you don’t have enough space in the sidebar to show all the useful content. That’s exactly when a tabber comes in handy. It allows you to show different items in a same area. Users can click on each tab and see the content they’re most interested in. A lot of big name sites use it to show popular article today, this week, and this month. In this tutorial we will show you how to create a tabber widget. However, we are not showing you what to add in your tabs. You can add basically anything you like.

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Kathryn Reese

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Marianne Foster

This is a jquery based lightweight plugin to create tab in the wordpress widget. Tabs can be really useful, we can save a lot of space just by placing our block of content in tabs and displaying one block at a time in the same place. Using this plugin maximum we can display two tabs. and we can display the linkable text within the tab. in the admin we have separate page to manage the tab text.

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Eliana Ohara

I’m very new to building a website. I think being so far advanced, your assumption of how well someone like me can understand and follow your instructions, is highly exaggerated. I still don’t understand what tabs are for. I know you explained it, and even showed us where we can see them in action, but I still don’t understand why I need to have tabs. It would be great if you were more deliberate in giving us, slower people, more examples. Thanks!

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