How to Add Inline Related Posts in WordPress Blog Posts
Nedra Vanhorn

With Inline Related Posts Plugin you can:
1. Put related posts boxes INSIDE your content (see Screenshots)
2. Automatically put multiple boxes in all your posts
3. Automatically detect line breaks (without destroy your paragraphs or headlines)
4. Choose over 20+ combinations of style (themes, colors, hover)

How To Add Inline Related Posts In WordPress?
Carmen Tyler

As I think you are familiar about related posts and also using it on your blog. Related post plugin allows you to display related topic posts on your articles. But inline related posts are becoming most popular now a day. By using inline related posts you can display related post in the middle of your article. It is basically a link to a relevant article in the middle of blog post .ok here in this post I will tell you how you can add inline related posts in blog?

How to Add Related Posts to Your WordPress Blog
Jackelyn Cooley

Creating a loyal following should be a focus for all WordPress websites. A related posts plugin will help your visitors easily access a range of articles, giving your content viewing time it probably wouldn’t have received otherwise. The more your audience reads, the more likely they are to become fans of your writing and website content, increasing the likeliness that they will follow you and share your articles on social media, and regularly return to your site.

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