How to Add Infinite Scroll to your WordPress Blog

How & Why to Add Infinite Scroll to Your WordPress Blog
Karla Simmons

Infinite scroll means quite simply that a user can keep scrolling indefinitely. Instead of a reader reaching the bottom of a web page and clicking through to a new one, infinite scroll enables the next set of information to just keep loading. This means visitors never have to wait for a new page to load, the content will just keep flowing continuously as they scroll down.  This could include the next post on your blog or more items from your gallery.

How to Add Infinite Scroll with WordPress
Corina Pinkerton

Finding the CSS selectors you need is actually easy and straightforward with the right approach. If you’re not sure how to find them already, follow this tutorial for finding CSS selectors. It’s the easiest way to navigate your site’s HTML to find the elements you’re looking for.

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