How to Add Grid View for Media Library in WordPress

How to Add Grid View for Media Library in WordPress
Desiree Johnson

I’m a relative ‘newbie’ to WP so I don’t completely understand Karen’s comments. However, as I use WP and administer my site, I find one thing missing in Media Library that I did appreciate in my only other experience, which was Joomla (but for the this I prefer the features available in WP much more). There is no way, that I’m aware, to create folders to store the uploaded media specific to a particular page. For example, a page such as “About Us” – create a Media Folder of the same name to store any uploaded media for that specific page. This, of course, would make it much simpler to find and locate instead of a ‘search’ or go through page after page of media remembering what name the media was given some time ago. Again, for those of us new to WP, this would save a considerable amount of time. These most recent additions to Admin and Media Grid View are great! Is there something to my comment on “folders” that I have missed in my training? What does Karen mean – ” the only option we have that works with the media uploader is folders sorted & accessible by date – and date only!”? What ‘folders’? Am I requesting the same feature she is?
Any assistance on this would be most appreciated.

How to Add Grid View for Media Library in WordPress
Livia Jeffery

The media library currently displays all of the media for your site in a list view for you to see. Some users may want to change this view to see more photos at a single time. In this video, we will show you how to add a grid view for the media library in WordPress.

How to Add an External Media Library to WordPress
Lena Webster

This is crippled and broken, sadly the plugin mentioned generates its revenue by charging you for how much you use the plugin. Sadly that is a big issue and will not create opportunity for you as a buyer of the product or a business as a buyer. You pay for cloud hosting services, then you pay this plugin developer for ever how much you use the plugin to upload to the service you are paying to use. That is a horrible method of generating revenue. That is like saying hey were going to let you pay for AMazon AWS services, but you can only use a little bit of the service, even though you are paying for everything, were going to limit you to just so much and then you can pay us again if you want to use the plugin for more? Totally ignorant way to do business.

How to Add Remote Media Libraries in WordPress
Xenia Seal

WordPress is an awesome platform for video publishers. Adding videos in WordPress is extremely simple, and you can actually see the video as you write in post editor. However, you will still have to locate the video in another browser window, copy the URL, and then paste it. What if we told you that you can add your YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion channels as remote libraries in your WordPress media uploader? Wouldn’t that make adding videos more fun and easier? In this article, we will show you how to add remote media libraries in WordPress.

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