How to Add Google Web Fonts in WordPress Themes the “Right” Way

How to Add Google Web Fonts in WordPress Themes the “Right” way
Stefania Deaton

Google fonts are great free resources for web designers to use. There are a few ways to add Google fonts in WordPress and we want to show you the right way. In this video, we will show you how to add Google Web fonts to your themes.

How To Add Google Web Fonts In WordPress Site
Kathryn Reese

Now there are a lot of theme frameworks and child themes out there. It is NOT recommended to modify your parent theme’s files specially if you are using a theme framework because your changes will be overridden the next time you update that framework. You will need to utilize the hooks and filters presented to you by that parent theme or framework to add Google fonts properly in your child themes.

3 Easy Ways to add Google Fonts in WordPress
Sandra Gilbert

Google fonts directory is a huge collection of designer fonts in more than 135 languages. All the fonts in the library are open source fonts and organized by a robust team of designers and engineers. It means if you are thinking, are Google fonts free to use? then the answer is, yes, all the fonts are absolutely free and can be used in any of your projects as the licensing has already been taken care of by Google itself.

Lan Pacheco

There are so many ways to add Google web fonts to WordPress. When it’s the matter of standard then you may need to know the right way for that. When the question comes to designing a good looking website, you’ve to balance overall UI of the website. In fact, you can’t ignore Interactiveness issue of your website. Content is the most valuable part to provide service for your customer or visitor for any website owner. Truly, good looking contents can impress your visitor with first looking. As you know a proverb, if you want to impress anyone first looking is very important. Then quality matters to make them reliable.

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