How to Add Google Translate in WordPress

How To Add Google Translate in WordPress website
Colleen Stanley

The World is full of different culture, society, and languages. We know that English is the most common language over the internet but there are many peoples from different countries don’t speak or understand the English. So, if you are writing in a blog or articles on WordPress website in an English or some other language then you are targeting just a specific group of peoples. But if you see the Google Analytics for your website, there is a large group audience come from some specific region such as France or Italy. Also, there are many peoples those want solutions in their own native language. Here is the WordPress plugin called Google Language Translate proves very handy. The plugin Google Language Translator gives a widget that can place on WordPress website. This Widget shows all languages and simply uses the Google Translate feature to translate. Yes, this plugin can translate the WordPress website but its comprehension level is not always good enough. But still it is very useful and here in this tutorial, we show you how to add Google Translate in WordPress.
Nedra Vanhorn

– Improved functionality for flags. Users are now returned to original language when the flag is displayed. The Google Toolbar will be hidden once returning back to the original language. The Google Toolbar will appear again when another translation is made.
– Fixed the issue with flags not functioning with SIMPLE layout.
– Removed SIMPLE layout option (which was not working properly) for browsers not using English browsers. The coding challenge for implementing this option is difficult and must be postponed until we find a practical solution.

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