How to Add Google Slides Presentations to WordPress

How to Add Google Slides Presentations to Your WordPress Website
Corina Pinkerton

Firstly, you’ll have to connect to a third-party service every time you need to share a presentation with your readers. Because your presentation is essentially stored on a separate web server, there’s less control, and what’s more you lose all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value it has to offer. In addition, managing slides uploaded to a third-party service could become difficult – especially if you have a handful of them.

Share Your Slides – How to Add a Google Slides Presentation to Your WordPress Website
Jung Wilbanks

Repurposing old blog content is the new black, and slideshows are one incredibly popular way to do this. Slideshows are a creative approach to visually sharing top post material that you want to recycle into a new format to get the most out of your valuable content. But how do you get a presentation onto your website? One simple way to do this is by using Google Slides, a powerful tool in Google’s open-source office suite. Want to learn how to add a Google Slides presentation to your website? Get ready, here we go!

How to Add Google Slides in WordPress
Eustolia Fincher

Presentations are used to show products, describe services, share statistics and a slew of other formats from any type of web hosting. If developed well, they can greatly contribute to inspiring others to act or buy. They can also be used like an interactive infographics. Instead of one long image, a presentation can be broken into segments controlled by the reader or set to automatic motion.

How to Add Google Slides Presentations to WordPress
Colleen Stanley

Do you want to show your slideshow presentations on your WordPress site? Google Slides is one of the ways to make it easy for you to create and share your beautiful presentations. In this video we will show you how to easily add Google Slides presentations in WordPress.

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