How to Add Google Search in a WordPress Site

Christena Inman

3.   Using Get code button you can find HTML code with java script you can place it in php page template.

Doloris Denham

Do you want to use Google search on your WordPress site? Although WordPress comes with a built-in search feature, it is not very good. That’s why many site owners add Google site search on their WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to easily add Google Search in a WordPress site.

How to Add Google Search in a WordPress Site
Theresa Bell

Go to Appearance » Editor in your WordPress admin area and open searchform.php file  in the editor. Replace the existing serach form code with custom google search engine code that you copied  in the last step. Don’t worry if you can’t find searchform.php file just create a new one using a text editor like Notepad and upload it to your theme directory using FTP client and paste that code in it.

How to Add Google Search in a WordPress Site
Latarsha Ashmore

Two days ago very strange thing happened with me on WordPress search. i tried to search one article and it,s showing 404 Error or nothing found. After six try, my WAF blocked my own IP-address to access my site. That’s why i decided to use Google Search tool instead of WordPress Default search.

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