How to Add Google Pac-Man Game to Your WordPress Blog

How to Add Google Pac-Man Game to Your WordPress Blog
Xenia Seal

Pac-Man is a classic game that mostly everyone who uses a computer has heard of and played before. Not too long ago, Google celebrated Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary by showing the Pac-Man doodle on its front page for 48 hours. It went viral because everyone found a connection to the game, and they played this addicting game for hours. Well, in this article, we bring you a way to add the Google Pac-Man Game in your WordPress blog post, or page for your users to have a little bit of fun.

WordPress: how to add the Google Pac – man game on his blog
Remona Friedman

The game contains 255 levels, short enough to make spend fun hours on this game to your readers! And in addition, the game is multiplayer (Finally, up to 2 persons at the same time)! To play 2 people, you must click on the bar after the "clik here to play" has disappeared (once there you once). The 2nd person will play with the letters A, S, W, D.

Vladimir Dimić
Jennefer Guerin

Exactly 30 have years passed since the release of the game named Pac-Man. As they usually do, Google decided to ‘celebrate’ this anniversary, but in an interesting way. You have probably noticed that they put new Doodle on the home page. But, there is even more. After a few seconds of loading, doodle turns into the PacMan game. You can play this game using arrows.

How to Play Pac-Man in Google Maps
Sonja Moran

Its April Fool’s Day and Google has once again added an easter egg game inside their Google Maps, and its the Pac-Man in which you can play as Ms. Pac-Man in the game and play across the roads of your city. The game will give you five lives and four ghost enemies, the map is locked in the place you’re located.

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