How to Add Google+ Hangouts Event Countdown in WordPress

How to Add Google+ Hangouts Event Countdown in WordPress
Allene Boynton

Let me first start by apologizing for any frustration and inconvenience that we have caused you. I want to clarify that WPBeginner is an unofficial resource site for WordPress (so not related to the official WordPress folks). We are also not associated with any plugin author in the repository (we just review the ones that we find useful). Secondly, the plugins are created by individual authors (not always related to the official core team). WordPress is an open-source project which means that anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to the core project, create their own plugins, etc.

Add Google+ Hangouts Event Countdown in WordPress
Chantel Michaud

Most bloggers announce events to readers through Tweets, sharing it on Google+, blog articles, Facebook and email newsletters. You can use Google+ Hangouts to organize online events with your blog readers.

Google+ Hangout Events + WordPress
Joann Townsend

For some time now Google+ has been building quite a following. Whilst Google+ will not be bigger marketing and communication tool than Facebook is for businesses. But it will be significant? Because businesses already have a deep relationship with Google, whether it be with Google Analytics, Google Places, Google Search Console or with the largest amount of Smart Phones on the planet through the Google Android Ecosystem.

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