How to Add Google Forms to WordPress

How to Add Google Forms to WordPress
Kathryn Reese

Google forms are an easy and popular way to gather feedback or response for any purpose. They are versatile and you can use them to collect emails, for conducting surveys, receiving applications, questionnaires, polls and quizzes. Creating a Google form and granting access to it to third parties is easy, whether by sharing a link, emailing it or embedding it on your website. And they can be a better alternative when you want to share forms and enable others to collaborate on the form.

How to Add Google Forms to Your WordPress Website
Karleen Curran

I just used Google forms on a client site two days ago. She needed a simple and inexpensive way to collect payment and registration info for a fitness class. First I embedded a PayPal button on her site. I turned on the auto-redirect feature in PayPal, so that after the user’s payment was processed on PayPal, they were redirected back to a page on her website in which I embedded a Google form. The form collected name, email, phone number and whether or not the person has any health concerns. I set up the forms so that all of the info was collected in a Google sheet. Now she has all her students info in one spreadsheet. She loves it because now she can easily share the spreadsheet with the owner of the fitness studio who needs to keep track of her enrollment for billing purposes. The only downside I can see is that when someone pays for a class using a credit card, instead of a PayPal account, the auto-redirect feature does not work. The person has to manually click the link to return back to her website. A small inconvenience as now she will need to cross check to make sure that everyone who paid via Pal Pal also filled out her registration form. But not bad for a fast and free solution!

How to Easily Create and Add Google Forms to WordPress
Inez Ross

Adding more people to your Google Form is also an easy task. Click on the three vertical dots and choose the “Add Collaborators” option. The new window will show you an option that’ll allow you to share the link through Gmail, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. At the bottom you can also prevent the collaborators you add from adding anyone else to the project.

How to Use Google Forms with WordPress
Patsy Lindsey

What happens when you add the flexibility and customizability of WordPress with the ease of Google Forms? Maximum usability. This is because both WordPress and Google Forms are widely used and understood systems. Google Forms efficiently helps you to collect information from your user base and integrate it with your Google Drive, something you probably already use on a daily basis. Although WordPress is chock-full of form plugins, Google Forms can help keep you quickly and easily keep track of responses using a system you are already familiar with.

How to Add Google Forms to WordPress
Mamie Mitchell

On the top menu, you will also be greeted with options to change the theme color, a preview option, settings, and Send. The settings will give you the ability to turn on multiple responses from a single user as well as security options that will require users to be logged in to submit a form. You can also tweak around with the submission confirmation message.

This Is How You Can Add Google Forms To Your WordPress Website
Theresa Bell

The Google Forms plugin is a free plugin. With this plugin you can embed a published form into a WordPress page, post or widget. My personal recommendation lies with using Google Forms plugin because it removes HTML wrappers such as Google branding and other presentation elements standardized by Google. Doing this can help the user fit the form in accordance with the website design.

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