How to Add Google+ Comments in WordPress

How to Add Google+ Comments in WordPress
Magaret Sewell

Adding Google+ comments to the WordPress site can be good in terms of traffic and visibility. As Google plus is popular social networking sites now a days, the number of comments on your blog is surely gonna increase. I have heard positive feedback from other bloggers too regarding them. If you have a good fan following on Gplus then there is no excuse of not trying this feature.

Latest Technology Updates
Freda Moody

In our previous post we helped you in integrating Facebook comment system in your blog. Facebook is a social giant, no one will deny the fact. But the truth is Facebook comments will increase the traffic to your blog. But it won’t help you in increasing your search engine rankings. Where as Google+ comments will improve your search rankings. In this post we will explain how to add Google+ comments in WordPress and Blogger blog without any technical knowledge.

How to Add Google+ comments in WordPress without using any Plugin?
Jung Wilbanks

After the introduction of latest Google Search Algorithm “Hummingbird”, it seems that Google is giving more importance to User’s engagement, Social Shares etc rather than backlinks. This is probably the reason why, they are not updating the PR ranks. So many SEO experts also believe that Google is giving priority to Google+ contents. They claims that their traffic increases after sharing their blog posts on Google+. While visiting different blogs of Pro Bloggers, i found that everyone is using Google+ comments in WordPress alongwith WordPress Comments. I also decided to use the same. Firstly, i used Comments Evolved for WordPress Plugin and then i used WordPress Google Plus Comments Plugin but still i was not happy with their performance. I was looking for a simple and user friendly Google+ Comment Box which should appear right above the default WordPress Comments. As you all know, use of more plugins makes a WordPress Blog heavy and Bulky and thus affect its Loading Time. Due to this reason, i decided to use the code instead of Using Plugins. I was trying to write for the code when i came across the code at GITHUB, which was written by Blog Synthesis . I tested this code which worked like a charm. I applied it to this blog and sharing the same for you as well.

How to Add Facebook Comments to WordPress
Karla Simmons

Comment will be waiting in the moderation queue until unless you approve them. In order to moderate the comments visit the Facebook comment moderation tool. This is quite an advantage of having Facebook comment on your blog rather than Google+ comments as G+ comments doesn’t wait for the moderation, which ends up in a big headache of monitoring all the comments on daily basis. Hopefully, soon there would be a solution for Google+ comments moderation too.

How to: Use Google+ Comments with WordPress
Greta Nielsen

Comments are very important for blogs and help bloggers to get feedback from their readers. Comment system is the main source of interaction between the blogger and a visitor. The visitor can also be your customer and due to this reason, importance of a good commenting system can not be neglected. With the advancement in Social media, new features are being introduced on daily basis by Facebook as well as Google plus. Social media presence is very much important for blogs and social media networks are also contributing a lot towards blogging platform like WordPress and blogger.

How to enable Google+ comments on WordPress (or on any website)
Vi Neville

On the day before yesterday, Google launched much awaited Google+ comments, something like Facebook comments. It was also very easy to integrate the Google+ comments to any blogspot based blogs. But, people are dying to integrate this feature to other platforms like WordPress.

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