How to Add Free SSL in WordPress with Let’s Encrypt

How to Add Free SSL in WordPress with Let’s Encrypt
Lottie Horne

SSL is used for the primary purpose of hiding your vital information from hackers. Let’s take an example. An e-commerce website contains important information about the visitor. Aside from that, the visitor needs to enter payment information during a checkout. If the site is not SSL protected, the information sent by the visitor to the website server can easily be hacked by a hacker who intercepts the communication. Stealing of information can be a tricky proposition for the user as well as the website.

How To: Use Let’s Encrypt To Add Free SSL To WordPress
Retha Poston

The interesting part about browsing the internet is that information about each user gets shared, sometimes without the person knowing. Then, of course, there’s the act of shopping online and signing up for accounts, which both require you to punch in details like your name and all the way to sensitive information like your credit card number.

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