How to Add Facebook Recommendation Bar in WordPress

How to Add Facebook Recommendation Bar in WordPress
Eustolia Fincher

Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world. This is why many websites integrate with Facebook in various different ways such as by adding a facebook like box, facebook comments, facebook like button, and facebook send button. Many websites claim that by adding these social elements they were able to increase user engagement. In this article, we will show you how to add facebook recommendation bar in WordPress, so you can further increase the engagement on your site. Facebook recommendation bar adds a like button at the bottom of the screen which expands as a user scroll downs and show them articles they might want to read on your website.

How to Add Facebook Recommendation Bar to Your Website
Aline Knutson

The recommendation bar is not something new, in fact you see it on many websites, including on It’s that box that appears to the right side of your blog or website with links to articles on your site, offered as ‘recommended for reading’ to your visitors. This is a good approach to adopt if you want to increase your pageviews, but bear in mind that not all visitors would like to be interrupted with such a floating box.
Magaret Sewell

The Facebook Recommendations bar is a new plugin developed by Facebook for the WordPress Bloggers. It retrieves some famous posts from the blog and displays it on either the bottom right or the bottom left of the screen with a thumbnail and a link. It is a great way to increase the traffic of the blog and decrease the bounce rate and may be to make  your posts go viral among the readers.

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