How to Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Data in WordPress Themes

How to Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Data in WordPress Themes
Pat Sullivan

Before we share the steps of implementing Open graph tags into WordPress, lets have a look at the below snapshot. It’s a Facebook share and It has author information, publisher site, post’s URL, title, perfect description and a best fit image, which makes it look attractive. Such kind of shares definitely increases content sharing and brings traffic to your site. The below share happened to be like this only because of the open graph meta tags.

How To Add Open Graph Meta Tags To WordPress
Kathleen Lawrence

In order for Open Graph to work properly, you need to add a few meta tags to the head section of your HTML document. This is where information about your web page is stored, not visible to users. Each meta tag follows the same format; you assign a “property” a “content” value. After you have done this, various third party services, notably social media platforms, can use this information to display your content in a more meaningful way. Some of these platforms have a proprietary way of collecting this information, like Twitter Cards, but most use Open Graph as a baseline for information. So just by adding a little bit of data about the page a user is on, you can ensure that when your URL is copied and pasted into a social feed, it comes along with a custom image, description and more.

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