How to Add Facebook Like Reactions to Your WordPress Posts

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Feelback Reactions does offer a good analytics tool for the reactions system, though. There is a separate area for analytics, keeping the design and data separate. Go to the Dashboards tab to take a look around at the detailed analytics. This will allow you to visualize data within a specific time period and also view other important information. You can see things like pageviews, engagement, and referrals. A valuable insight can be found within the Article tab, which provides insight into which timeframes are better for posting content. You’ll be in the know about which articles have worked well with your audience by seeing how “emotionally engaging” they were by using a unique reactions total. If you want to know which author is getting the most (and best) reactions, you can also see author performance information.

How to Add Facebook Reactions to WordPress
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In February 2016, Facebook revamped their Like feature by introducing “Reactions.” This new feature allowed users to share how they felt about a post – whether it made them laugh or cry, or express emotions such as surprise or anger. This finally resolved one of Facebook’s perpetual problems, too: knowing how to respond to a friend sharing bad news without implying that you “like” their unfortunate predicament.

How to Add Facebook Like Reactions to Your WordPress Posts
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With the DW Reactions module we can include the Facebook like responses. To do that you have to introduce module first from your WooCommerce theme tab, or on the off chance that you do not know how to introduce WordPress module. So once you have introduced the module, you need to install a module, after you initiated the module, go to your settings, There you will see another tab called “responses” click on that to design the module, If you need to show the module on beneath rather than above, So you can set the settings there. Also, you can include the module utilizing the shortcode [reactions]. Presently go to your post there you will see the Reaction button.

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Do you want to add Facebook like reactions to your WordPress blog posts? Emotional reactions allow users a way to provide quick feedback on your articles. In this article, we will show you how to add Facebook like reactions to your WordPress posts. Read this amazing article here.

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