How to add Dynamic Widget Ready Sidebars in WordPress

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Monnie William

Widgets are such an integral part of WordPress themes that it is hard to imagine a WordPress theme without widgets. Widgets are executable scripts that you can simply drag and drop in your sidebars or any other widget ready area in your theme. Many of our readers utilize widgets to add custom elements to their sidebar. However this article is for those curious users who want to learn how to add dynamic widget ready sidebars or widget ready areas in WordPress themes.

How To Add Dynamic Sidebars To WordPress
Nora Coleman

The id should be unique for each sidebar. If you do not set an id manually, WordPress defaults to naming the sidebars sidebar-1, sidebar-2, sidebar-3… and so on for all registered dynamic sidebars. Not setting a unique id means that if a plugin or child theme registers additional sidebars, the count gets thrown off, and this can lead to styling problems, among other things.

How to Add Custom Sidebars with Dynamic Widgets in WordPress
Sylvie Britt

Select the “Front Page” option and click, “Save Changes.” You can add more by clicking each element in the drop down list to add it to the archive type. For instance, you can add “Any Author Archive” and “Search Results” to where the sidebar will be displayed in addition to the Front Page.

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