How to Add Custom Shortcut Links to WordPress Toolbar

Add Shortcut Links to the WordPress Toolbar
Stacy Roberson

You can use any single character for the accesskey value in theory, but in practice you’ll avoid headaches in certain browsers (*cough*) by sticking with letters of the alphabet. Once a link (or form element) has an accesskey, visitors can open it with a keyboard shortcut. For example, for Chrome/Mac, the shortcut is control+alt+accesskey. Other browsers have their own similar shortcuts, all well-documented on the Web. Here is a good overview of accesskey for more information.

How to Customize Shortcut Links in the WordPress Admin Toolbar
Dana Cooper

Not all features for WordPress need to center around the visitor experience. The right plugin can make writing and managing the back end efficient, which plays into the overall success of your website. Adding functionality to the WordPress admin toolbar is just one method to make this management easier on yourself and those who help you.

How to Add Custom Shortcut Links to WordPress Toolbar
Carley Jeffrey

In this example code, first we added a custom shortcut link. Next, we added another custom link and made it a child of the first link. We added the parent link id by adding the argument ‘parent’ => ‘wpbeginner’. Then we repeated this to add another link under the same parent link. We have also used a child link as a parent link to show you how to add sub-items to a sub-item in the your custom links menu.
Alanna Marrero

“Custom Links in WP Toolbar” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

How to: Add Shortcut Links to the WordPress Toolbar/ Adminbar
Maisie Pickett

Two weeks ago, we have introduced a new WordPress plugin, Custom Adminbar Menus. By this plugin, you can set your any custom navigation menus to your WordPress Adminbar/Toolbar. All you have to do is install the latest version of Custom Adminbar Menus plugin, create your navigation menus and add it to your the WordPress adminbar. Please watch this video on right side, to know how to use Custom Adminbar Menus plugin on your WordPress if you are WordPress beginner.

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