How to Add Custom Fonts in WordPress

How to Add Custom Fonts to WordPress
Lesha Dubose

Finally, another study showed people the same exercise instructions in different typefaces. They then asked participants to estimate how long it would take them to complete said instructions. Fascinatingly, those with the more complex font guessed it would take them longer than the group with the simpler font. As a consequence, they were less likely to follow the exercise routine.

How To Add Custom Fonts To WordPress
Alanna Marrero

There are various websites from where you can source free web fonts. Font Squirrel is one of such websites where you can easily find free fonts which are licensed for commercial work. Google Web Font Service is another free font service provided by Google and has fonts in more than 135 languages. Edge Web Fonts is also a free font service provided by Adobe which boasts of its huge collection of web fonts. You might even like to try Typekit which is a free library of thousands of web fonts, along with which claims to provide more than 150,000 web and desktop fonts.

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