How to Add Custom Admin Notices in WordPress

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Loyce Nabors

Admin notices can also be used by individual site owners, as well as plugin authors and theme developers. If you are working for clients who are not familiar with WordPress, then you can choose to display admin notices in order to display helpful information in their WordPress admin area.

How to Add Custom Admin Notices to WordPress
Milda Layman

Notifications can be a very handy tool for easily distributing specific information to certain people. This could be an error message for a person in charge of adding code to your website, or reminding a subscriber that a new piece of content or product is available when they log in.  These can be just as useful as other tools provided by WordPress like a floating footer bar or a custom widget to display key information.

How to add Admin Notices in WordPress
Daniele Vidal

An admin notice is basically a div tag with a white background, some text and different colored left border containing some kind of information for the users. The four different types are red, green, orange and blue. Given the class names, the red ones are used to display errors, green for success messages, orange for warnings and blue for informative notices.
Annie Bowen

We don’t foresee such an event occuring but if you do happen to run into this you can visit: (replacing with your website) and this will delete all the options associated with the custom admin menu. You need to make sure you are still logged in to an admin account for this to work. If you don’t have admin access you’ll need to either remove the database option or delete the plugin entirely.

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