How to Add Categories and Subcategories to WordPress

How to Include Category and Subcategory in WordPress URLs
Jamika Shannon

I want the product category to be in ALL my PAGE URL’s, but as you know, wordpress out of the box doesn’t enable assignment of categories and tags to PAGES (wish it did). One alternative would be to use one of the plugins I found that could enable this. The other is to simply use the product category name in the SLUG (part of the permalink I can create on the product page). I could also create a page for each product category and include a gallery showing each product item that belongs to that category with a link to its specific page, or, I could skip the product category page altogether and assign the “#” in front of the category name when I create the menu, so that the category name would appear but not be an active link to any category page. I could get involved in creating a “custom post type” for my product pages which would enable them to be assigned a category and tag, much like the woocommerce product “pages” are setup (don’t know much about how to do that but would like to), etc.

How to Add Category and Subcategory to WordPress URLs
Maisie Pickett

Let’s start by looking on the left-hand admin panel. Click on Settings and click on the
Permalinks option. If you do not see this option you may be using a free version of WordPress through and you may want to consider finding a web host to get the most out of your website through There are many differences between the two, but the biggest difference is that 60 million websites are built with and is a free service that will restrict your freedom by paywalls.

How To Add Categories in WordPress and Assign Posts?
Vella Whalen

To assign posts to categories you have created, go to posts>>Add New. Find the Category meta box to the right side of the page by scrolling down the page.

Now, Select the category from the category list which you want to assign to that particular post. You can select one or multiple categories from the list depend upon the posts and the related topics.

If you have selected more than one category for the post, WordPress ask you if you want one category to make primary for the posts.

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