How to Add Buttons in WordPress Without Using Shortcodes

How to Add Buttons in WordPress Posts Without Using Shortcodes
Karry Laporte

In this tutorial, we will discuss a simple way to add buttons in WordPress Posts without using any shortcodes. In this lesson, you will learn about a simple plugin that enables you to add colorful buttons with icons directly from the visual editor.  You will not need to use any shortcode and would be able to see a live preview right within the editor.

How to Add Buttons in WordPress Without Using Shortcodes
Yessenia Tellez

Most people are not experts with HTML and CSS which is why plugins are so useful. While other plugins require you to use and configure shortcodes there can be a simpler way. In this video, we will show you how to add buttons in WordPress without using shortcodes.
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Summary of this Tutorial:
Start by installing and activating the forget about shortcode buttons plugin.This plugin will require wordpress 3.9 or higher.
Create a new post or edit an existing one to see the new button titled "Insert Button" for you to click.
This will bring up a popup window for you to design the button.
The "Icons" tab will let you add a Icon inside your button and the image will automatically update based on your selection.
If you want to edit an existing button you double click it to bring up the menu.
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