How to Add Beautiful Event Timeline in WordPress

How to Add Beautiful Event Timeline in WordPress
Tess Stanford

I want to Create a website for an Research Department and its layout is as follow :
1)They are having main slider which goes across the home page.
3)After slider they are having about us section
2)after about us they are having two section basically they are News and Events in the Same Row with Scrolling Effects.
Im , finding very hard to create these two section at homepage do you have any suggestion’s for doing so then please tell me sir.

How to Add Beautiful Event Timeline in WordPress
Stefania Deaton

Have you ever wanted to add an event timeline to your site? They can be useful for displaying a timeline of your site but there normally is not a simple way to add this to your site. In this video, we will show you how to add a beautiful event timeline in WordPress.

5+ Best Responsive WordPress Timeline Plugins 2019 (How to Add Beautiful Event Timeline in WordPress)
Livia Jeffery

You can create a variety of timelines on your website, from historical ones that represent the history, background and evolution of your company to the one that lets you represent your company’s goals and targets. A historical timeline will make portray your seriousness on the growth of your company while the timeline that present the future targets and goals will add the sense of identity about how professional you are towards your business. In any way, a beautifully crafted and detailed business timeline will enhance your website’s credibility.
Brandi Flores

Create Multiple Timeline Stories – Create unlimited timeline stories inside your WordPress website or blog.
Timeline Scrolling Navigation – Quickly and easily navigate your timeline with a beautiful scrolling navigation inside your timeline.
Historical Dates – Allow you to set any year
Stories Content Format – Add different type of content like Video, Slideshow, Image in your story.
Use via shortcode
Compatible with all major browsers – compatible from IE9 to IE11, Chrome, Safari and Firefox

How to Add Beautiful Event Timeline in WordPress
Jamika Shannon

You will want to start by installing and activating the Timeline Express plugin. Once it is activated you need to visit Timeline Express, Add New Announcement to add your first announcement or event.

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