How to Add Audio Stories to Images in WordPress

How to Add Audio Stories to Images in WordPress
Nedra Vanhorn

Hello. I was wondering if I could get some help. Recently I’ve moved my website from blogger to WordPress. But my problem is Google. I’ve deleted my blogger blogs, but Google seach console still shows my old website or blog. Like Google hasn’t indexed my site, but it has taken many days or even weeks. I was then wondering if there’s a fix to this, so Google would show my newest site in example in the data structure (text marketing or what the name was). Ether way, thanks from Marius HS (15 years old from Norway).
Elza Leyva

IDEAS. Tell an audio story behind each image rather than text (the text should focus on SEO instead, be an excerpt of the story). Use cinemagraphs instead of normal images and have the audio track synchronized with it. Write a post with photos taken around your home, with the associated background audio. Write a post with portraits, each of them will say a simple sentence with their own voice. Etc…

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