How to Add Attachment File Type Icons in WordPress

How to Add Attachment File Type Icons in WordPress
Desiree Johnson

Have you seen websites that show file icons next to the download links? Recently one of our readers asked if it was possible to display attachment file icons in WordPress. Yes it is, and it’s quite easy. In this article, we will show you how to add attachment file icons in WordPress.

How to Add Attachment File Type Icons in WordPress
Tasha Martin

In this technique, we will utilize an icon fount to display an icon against affection file link. First of all user should do the installation and activation of the Better font awesome plug-in. After activation, you can redact a post or page where you decide to append an affection link. You will observe the new ‘Insert Icon’ key on top of post editor. Clicking on it will display a pop-up where you can look and choose the icon that you want to add.

How to Use Attachment File Type Icons with WordPress
Cristina Cox

You’ll see a new window under the text editor for attachments. Click the “Add new attachment” button. This will bring up the media library for WordPress. Because you can literally upload any file type into this folder, it can be a good place to store your downloadable files. When testing this system, I used the PDF file of my resume. You can simply use an image you have saved if you want to see how this tool works.

How to Add Icons for Custom Post Types in WordPress
Aurea Terrell

Clicking on an icon in the list will show a larger version of the icon on the top. Next to it, you will see the icon’s CSS class. It will be something like dashicons-groups, dashicons-calendar, dashicons-cart, etc. You need to copy the CSS class and edit the custom post type you want to edit in CPT UI. All you need to do is click on the Advanced Options link and scroll down to the Menu Icon section, then paste the CSS class and save your changes.

How to Easily Add Icon Fonts in Your WordPress Theme
Classie Dover

First thanks to all at WP Beginners for your valuable response. And sorry for late feedback. Unfortunately I was not able to reply quickly because the mail was in the spam folder. Now it works fine and i’m able to use font awesome in navigation menus.
One suggestion is that please mention the accessibility level of plugins/themes when you post an artical. WordPress core is fully accessible but 60% of plugins and themes are not following the web accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0) witch is the recommendation of world wide web consortium ( Or please add skip links on your website for better accessibility. Making websites accessible will help lot to persons with disabilities like myself to navigate the website lot easier. Thanks.

How to create an excellent attachment page in WordPress
Phyliss Teal

The attachment page requires an attachment which should be linked to it. You might have seen “Link to” option in your media options under “attachment display settings” while uploading or adding an image to your posts. In that, you have to put the value as “Link to => attachment page” to use the attachment feature of WordPress. Using this option you can see your images on attachment pages while clicking on in. See the screenshot given below for detailed information.

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