How to Add Animated GIFs in WordPress

How to Add Animated GIFs in WordPress
Brittany Wells

You would like to add a few animated GIFs on your WordPress website? However, sometimes after adding an animated GIF, WordPress loses the animation and it appears as a plain static image. It is totally not what we need. In this article, I will show you how to add animated GIFs in WordPress in a proper way.

How to Add GIF Images in WordPress
Josephine Harrison

Images play a part in creating an engaging layout. An animated GIF has potential to turn an otherwise drab post or page into something more active. However, too many can also become a distraction. It’s OK to enhance your content with animation, but be mindful of how much you’re adding. There is a difference between having an attractive layout and creating an eyesore.

How to Use Animated GIF as Logo in WordPress
Xenia Seal

Unfortunately, when it comes to troubleshooting GIF logos, you are quite dependent on your theme’s author, as it’s only them, who know, how the whole logo style is put together, without having to examine the whole theme closely. Therefore, if it turns out that you can’t get help from them and having animated GIF as logo is truly important for you, the only solution is to change themes. There aren’t unfortunately any plugins or external fixes that will help you solve the resizing issue.

WordPress GIFs – How to Use Them On Your Website
Remona Friedman

Upload a series of Images and use this plugin to combine and turn them into an animation. You can set numerous options like animation delay, rewind, pause, or repeat count depending on your needs.
As you can see, it’s really easy to add GIFs and animated graphics to your WordPress blog. All you need is a little know-how and the right tools and you’ll be good to go.

Solved: GIF not Animating in WordPress – Posts and Featured Images
Amelia Glover

While browsing different WordPress groups on Google+, I stumbled upon a question regarding an animated GIF issue on a WordPress site: the GIF was uploaded to the media library and added on a page. When the page was published, the GIF was on it but wasn’t animating. If you, however, were to click on the GIF so that it opens in a new browser tab, it starts animating as it should. This isn’t the only GIF-issue WordPress users are battling with either. The other most common WordPress-related GIF-issue is that GIFs set as featured images never animate.

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