How to Add Animated Event Countdown Timer in WordPresss

How to Add Animated Event Countdown Timer in WordPresss
Tricia Floyd

How do you add the timer you have for your “Ultimate WordPress black friday deals collection”?
I am working on a website now which will launch a product but the only countdown timers I can fin are either 2 years old, only have these big obtrusive circles/flipping carts or don’t allow for text such as yours.

How to Include an Animated Countdown Timer Plugin in Your WordPress Site
Carrie Tran

The main reason for adding a timer to your website is to inform people when something is going on in your store or on your website. Just think of your friends and relatives who seem to always end up showing late regardless of how many times they have been late. The timer may help those type of people and is great for people who just genuinely forget when a product it out of stock or cannot remember your office hours. It is easy to read office hours wrong, but it much harder to see a timer that says “closing in 30 minutes” and decide you have enough time to get there.

How To Add Countdown Timer In WordPress
Monica Lucas

There are many reasons why people wants to have countdown timer or clock for their site. You may want to use a countdown timer on your landing page to inform users about your website launch while it is under construction, or to show an event countdown timer or product expiry countdown. There are many free WordPress countdown plugins in the repository which perform this task very effectively.
Tasha Martin

A very simple plugin to add countdown timer to your website. Countdown timer allow you to create nice and functional Countdown timer just in a few minutes. This is the best way to create beautiful Countdown for your users. You can use our Countdown timer in your posts/pages.

How to Add a Countdown Timer in WordPress to Boost Sales
Flora Zimmerman

Want to add a countdown timer in WordPress? A countdown timer creates a sense of urgency and entices your users to take action immediately before the time is up. So, if you’re running an online store, adding a countdown timer is a smart way to invite users to buy a product at the spur of the moment. It’s a great technique to boost sales.
Lena Webster

Our WordPress Countdown plugin allow website owners to create nice and functional timer just in a few minutes. This is the best way to create beautiful Timers for your users.
You can use our plugin in your posts/pages and widgets. It’s very easy to use and there isn’t any need of coding knowledge.

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