How to Add an HTML Sitemap Page in WordPress

How to Add an HTML Sitemap Page in WordPress
Harmony Childress

Cannot get POSTS to show like pages do, so it’s useless for me. On my site, pages are static stuff, About, etc. But posts are the new items that people want to see right away. I do research on various topics and that is the heart and soul of my blog. I want them to see the new stuff in order on that subject, in a list. I really don’t care about Pages, Privacy, Cookies, About, stuff you look at once, maybe, if ever

How to Add HTML SiteMap Page in WordPress in less than Min?
Elizabeth Roy

HTML Sitemap is intended to be geared towards your site visitors so it should be in a format that your site visitors are familiar with and the best choice is links list, so HTML Sitemap is basically a page in your site / blog that contains list of your site links including posts, categories, pages and tags or whatever you want to be included in the sitemap. HTML Sitemap also has a great effect on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How to Add a WordPress HTML Sitemap Page
Stefania Deaton

This area is full of information regarding how to use the shortcodes that are available as well as changing what content is displayed to visitors. By default WPSP will show the Archive and Author post types in the HTML sitemap for WordPress. However, you can change these and include posts, pages and even image galleries and albums.

How to Create WordPress Sitemap
Monica Lucas

Bing is yet another search engine you might want to submit your sitemap to. Just like we used Google Search Console for presenting a sitemap to Google, we will use Bing Webmaster Tools to submit our sitemap to Bing. Of course, you will first need to verify the ownership of your website. You can find instructions how to do this here. During verification process enter your WordPress XML sitemap URL and press Add button.

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