How to Add an Advanced Search Box in WordPress using Facetious

How to Add an Advanced Search Box in WordPress using Facetious
Johanna Colon

This forum is most of the time very helpful – but all to often it seems to fall into the category of technical info for the more experienced developers. Experienced developers generally do not need help as they are the ones who can answer questions for the one’s like me.
I cannot believe the technical hassle of trying to put a search box on my site – and exactly where I want it. I have a search widget that comes out all messed up. It displays the box with the name “search” halfway in and half out of the box. Then it says “search” again about an inch below it. All together it takes up and creates a 2 1/2″ space besides not displaying properly. When I try search plugins they are dependant on an existing wordpress search box to be installed to begin with. This is one of very many insanely difficult WordPress features that takes something one would think to be simple, and make it as impractical and difficult as one could possibly make.
Like a lot of things that I would like to add to my website, I have to do without because all the help forums are explained like one developer to another instead of made simple enough to just install and use.
I see the importance of having a search box on my site because it speeds up the searching for a viewer who does not want to dig around for an hour just to find something. But I have given up the idea of ever having one because like a lot of WordPress additions, it is designed for developers to use instead of the less experienced like myself. And I am experienced enough now that I add everything on my site with code instead of visual – a big advantage when building content in WordPress.
I cannot afford a developer to do this so I just give up and have to do without. I have spent enough time on this to build about half of a website.

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Molly Alvarez

If you are working on a website with lots of content in custom taxonomies and post types, then you would want to make it easy for your users to find it. One way to do this is by allowing your users to narrow down their search. Previously we showed you how to create a WordPress search form with advance options to choose post type. However, it required adding code to your theme manually. In this article, we will show you how to add an advanced search box in WordPress using Facetious.

How to Add Faceted Search in WordPress using Facetious Plugin
Reena Downs

The Facetious Plugin provides advanced search functionality to your WordPress website. But it’s limitation is that it eventually depends on the built-in WordPress search function. It would be beneficial to take a look at the Relevanssi plugin, which replaces the default search functionality, with much better features and configurable options.

How to Improve WordPress Search with SearchWP
Tasha Martin

SearchWP is a premium plugin available at $24.99 for a single site license. After purchasing SearchWP, you need to install and activate it (See: How to install a WordPress plugin). Once it is installed, go to Settings » SearchWP. You will notice that the plugin is indexing your content. Depending on how much content you got on your site, it may take a while. However you can continue to work on your website because the indexing will keep running quietly in the background. You will see a notice on the settings page when the indexing is complete. Meanwhile you can configure the plugin settings:

Catatan Omje bismillaahirrohmaanirrohiim..
Lorena Silva

Nah, supaya pengunjung nyaman di web/blog kita, ga sampe kejadian ada yang nyasar, maka sangat dianjurkan untuk memasang search box. Di hampir setiap web/blog, khususnya wordpress, udah disediain fasilitas tersebut, tinggal tempel doang. Nah, masalahnya adalah fitur search box bawaan wordpress tersebut kemampuannya standar banget. Sehingga kurang begitu membantu untuk mencari file yang sangat spesifik. Artinya perlu fitur yang lebih advance.

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