How to Add Admin Column View to Organize Pages in WordPress

How to Add Admin Column View to Organize Pages in WordPress
Karla Simmons

The main difference between posts and pages is that pages can be hierarchical. However when displayed in WordPress, child pages of a page are displayed with a — before them. This works well for most users, but for websites that has lots of pages and hierarchical custom post types, it can be very difficult for people to find child pages. In this article, we will show you how to add admin column view to organize pages and custom post types in WordPress.
Sherita Diamond

By default, WordPress provides list tables, giving you an overview of your content in the admin panel. These list tables are quite limited, however. For posts and custom post types, for example, not much more than the date and title of the post is displayed. Admin Columns allows you to take control over these list tables, managing the columns dislpayed in these overviews. Supporting custom fields, featured images, custom taxonomies, EXIF data for media and much, much more (Admin Columns features over 200 columns), you can create overviews that are perfectly suited for your content.
Rubie Canty

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How to Add and Customize Admin Columns in WordPress
Corina Pinkerton

Managing a WordPress site with lots of content or multiple authors means more tasks for admins to perform. Admins of growing WordPress sites are always looking for tools and plugins to improve their editorial workflow. A lot of the tasks that needs to be performed can be done quicker if you can see all the useful information on one screen. That’s when admin columns come in. In this article, we will show you how to add and customize admin columns in WordPress.

How to Manage WordPress Content with Admin Columns Pro
Phyliss Teal

Admin Columns Pro is available from just $49. This Personal Plan allows you to use Admin Columns Pro on one site and includes one year of updates and support. Business and Developer plans are also available for larger online businesses and professionals. The biggest advantages of upgrading to one of these from a personal plan is use on multiple sites as well as all of the earlier mentioned premium third party add-ons (Pods, Advanced custom Fields, WooCommerce etc)

How to Add Admin Columns in WordPress
Jennefer Guerin

You can do so by using the appropriate filter and action hooks for each of these tables. In particular, there is a filter hook that controls the columns or attributes you want to display, and an action hook where you control the actual data shown in your new custom columns.

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