How to Add Additional User Profile Fields in WordPress Registration

How to Add Additional User Profile Fields in WordPress Registration
Corina Pinkerton

WordPress has a great user management system that’s why many use it to create multi-author websites and blogs. The reason why WordPress user management is so powerful is because it allows you to extend the functionality. Often we get emails from users asking us how does Site X have such a great user profile page or registration page. In most cases those sites are adding additional user profile fields to collect and display other user information such as their twitter, facebook, blog feed, etc. In this article, we will show how to add additional user profile fields in WordPress registration. By using this method, you can collect any additional information such as ask users if they want to signup to your newsletter while registering, ask them their twitter ID, their address, etc.

How to Add Extra Fields to the WordPress Registration Form
Johanna Colon

unfortunately it’s not possible to bypass the restriction of WP, that is only possible to register once with the same eMail-Adress. In our situation, there are many families with children without e-mail-adresses. So mum our dad’s address would be needed multiple times.
do you have a solution for that?

Get your copy of ProfilePress WordPress plugin
Francie Carver

In this tutorial, I will show us how to add more contact methods and custom fields to WordPress profile using ProfilePress plugin without writing a single line of PHP code.

How to Add Users Or Assign New Roles in WordPress
Ruth Todd

Users are actually the staff or members of your WordPress website or blog. Every platform should have users to use the platform, website or blog whatever you’ve. Now here you’ll learn how to add users in WordPress and how to update profile in WordPress. As I’ve discussed everything about WordPress in my WordPress guide.

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